Drawings by Juilen Berthier


I’m captivated at the idea of Juilen’s drawing, they tell a complex story with clear sketches and humour that i call ‘draw blood on the first prick and hit the nail on the head’ but I also see a seriousness of his intention. 


Vasarely is a French graphic designer that create perspectives with geometry shapes. I like the use of arrows in this drawings and throughout Juilen’s sketches.  

Drawings by Juilen Berthier



Mediatiing vs distressed

Mediation take place in our mind, the body stop and let the brain moves. There are some rules that i learned from architecture that can help us enter mediating more easily, for example in Le Corbusier’s Cloister each room has a smooth concrete finish at the desk area. As far as our body goes most of the time we are constantly moving so the distressed concrete that have plethora of information does not make a good entrance to mediating.